operations-management Essay The Chair of the Operations Management D

The Chair of the Operations Management Department at Quality University wants to construct a p-chart for determining whether the four faculties teaching the basic P/OM course are under control with regard to the number of students who fail the course. Accordingly, he sampled 100 final grades from last year for each instructor, with the following results:Instructor Number of FailuresProf A. 13Prof B. 0Prof C. 11Prof D. 1613. What are the .95 (5% risk of Type I error) upper and lower control limits for the p-chart?A. .95 and .05B. .13 and .07C. .1588 and .0412D. .16 and .04E. .1774 and .022614. Using .95 control limits, (5% risk of Type I error), which instructor(s), if any, should he conclude is (are) out of control?A. noneB. Prof. BC. Prof. DD. both Prof. B and Prof. DE. all15. The specifications for a product are 6 mm 0.1 mm. The process is known to operate at a mean of 6.05 with a standard deviation of 0.01 mm. What is the Cpk for this process?A. 3.33B. 1.67C. 5.00D. 2.50E. none of the above

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