operations-management Essay I have a boss, Ralph Poore, who is the c

I have a boss, Ralph Poore, who is the consummate Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. On some days, Poore can be the nicest and kindest person, but on others thats another story. Behind his back, we call him Roary because when hes angry, he speaks at such a loud volume that anyone within miles can hear him. He shows his impatience and displeasure by exploding at the drop of a hat. He has meetings where, if someone disagrees with him or delivers bad news about what is happening at the company, he will pound his hands on the table and yell at the top of his lungs. More than once, Poore has ended the meeting with one of these tirades, either by kicking everyone else out or by leaving.Once, Roary went into one of the salespeoples offices to ask if he had called on a contractor as asked. When the salesperson answered that the person was not there when he called but that he had sent a fax and a copy of some new fixtures the company had just gotten in, Poore stormed out of the office, shouting obscenities. When Poore hears bad news, it doesnt matter whose fault it is he blows up at whoever is there. Another time, Poore was speaking to another of my coworkers about a delivery she needed to arrange. She told Poore that Cranes manufacturing facility was about three months behind in its production runs. We couldnt deliver the product because Crane hadnt produced it. Poore picked up a flower vase and threw it across the room. Poore is always right in his mind. If anyone disagrees with him or tells him something he doesnt want to hear, he throws a tantrum. This man is a time bomb waiting for something to set him off. I havent felt his wrath, but its only a matter of time.Read the above case study and answer the followingAnalyze Roarys leadership style. When might this style be appropriate? What might be some disadvantages of this style? Using the Internet, find at least three sources of information on how to deal with people like Roary. Carefully review each site for suggestions on how to cope with this difficult person. Write a paper providing suggestions you would make to Karim on how to cope with Roary.

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