operations-management Essay 1.Which of the following is illegal unde

 1.Which of the following is illegal under the National Labor Relations Act(NLRA)A Open shop B.Closed shop C Union shop D. Agency shop2.What is the minimum percentage of workers signing cards indicating their desire to vote on representation by a union, is enough to force a certification election upon a company.A.100 B.60 C.50 D.303.Which is not a compulsory issue in Cellective Bargaining which the company would have to bargain over.A. Employer provided Health care B. Employee Stock Purchase Plans C.Decisions to open or close new plants D. All of the above.4.Which of the following is not an unfair labor practice when committed by an employerA.Threats to close the plant B.Hiring a detective to spy on workersC. Promises to add new benefits after the election commences D. Closing the plant after the Union wins the certification election E.All of the above5.Which of the following strikers have a right to full reinstatement when a strike ends.A. Economic strikers B.Unfair Labor Practice Strikers C. Political strikers D. All of the above6.Utilitarianism purpose is to make life more beneficial for all of mankind, therefore the utilitarian is less concerned with the actor’sA. feelings and more concerned with the actor’s motivationB.motivation and more concerned with the actor’s feelingC.intenion and more concerned with the consequence of his actionsD. intention and more concerned with the motivation of his actions

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