NURS 389 Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice

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NURS 389 Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice – Washington Adventist University
Only obligatory: an empirical research reference is the article itself – reference at top of bibliography per example on OWL website.
Please use headings as reflected
1. APA style2. Choose Article criteria: <5 years, nurse authored,3. USA publishedI. FormatA. Title page that includes name, topic, course title, date, instructor.
B. Structure1. Neatly typewritten2. Spelling and grammar3. Logical topic development
C. Length (1 – 2 page[s] not counting title page)D. APA general formatting rules and citations throughout paper
I. ContentA. Summarize:
1.What are the main arguments?2.What type of research & design?3.What is the point of this article? What topics are covered?If someone asked what this article is about, what would you say?
B. Assess:1. How is this a useful source?2. How does it compare with other sources in your bibliography (only for 2nd and 3rd annotated Bibliography)?3. Is the information reliable? p. 323 – 3244. What are possible extraneous variables and limitations? p. 37-38, 1545. What is the goal (objective statement) of this source? How do the findings describe meeting (or not meeting) this goal?
C. Reflect:
1.How it fits into your research.2. How this source is helpful to your ResearchUtilization project.• Specific contributions in helping shape your argument.3. Ways this article has changed how you think about your topic.
Attachment:- Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice.rar

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