NUR1202 Professional Identity

NUR1202 Professional Identity


Section A:

What is Cultural Safety and discuss why culture is not just about ethnicity and how is it relevant to the case study. Applied to this case study, how is Sally demonstrating the use of interpersonal power and how does this impact on the provision of culturally safe care.

Section B:

Discuss Sally’s practice in this case study:

• Is Sally meeting the NMBA standards in applying person-centred and evidence-based care for the delivery of safe and quality care?

• Does the evidence in the case study lead you to believe that Sally has formed therapeutic, person-centred relationships with her patients?
• How could she do so, and what would be the benefits of Sally doing so?

Section C:

Is it reasonable for Sally’s colleagues to report her conduct to their manager?

Discuss how the NMBA Code of Conduct for Nurses (2018) and the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (2016) guide Sally’s nursing peers and supervisor in managing this situation?

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