Miche Bag Goes From Idea to Worldwide Success

Assess Corbin Church’s plan for selling Miche bags. How was changing his approach from franchising to a direct sales home party approach a more effective strategic plan?
Would you characterize Corbin Church’s sales method a standing plan or a single use plan? Why?
As the economy improves, should Corbin Church change his plan? In other words, should he consider going back to a franchise model of sales rather than the direct sales home party method he’s currently using?

Why would a company ever give any of its products away for free?
How does Management by Objectives impact Kaneva’s planning process? Describe why Kaneva’s daily meeting is a stand-up meeting.
At the end of the video, CEO Chris Klaus says that Kaneva employees can spend 20 percent of their time on projects outside of the scope of the “roadmap.” What does this mean? Do you approve or disapprove?

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