Melwyn’s RACE for the Youth

Case study on Marketing Management

Industry : Retail

Melwyn Industries is one of the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of wrist watches and India’s leading producer of watches sold under brand name Melwyn at exclusive Melwyn retail stores. It is a subsidiary of SANA a giant conglomerate dealing in automotive, steel and hospitality industry. Melwyn Industries was started 10 years ago and its watches gained distinct brand identities with a set of products aiming at different market segments. Currently the Melwyn umbrella has sub brands like ALPHA for executives, DIVA for women and REGAL- designer watches catering to the high-end segment.

Melwyn’s Marketing Head now finds that its customer base consists mainly in the age group of above 25 years and would now like to target younger customers. The company has identified the youth segment – youth by age and youth by attitude- aged between 18 and 30 years as the core target- “They are bold, individualistic, non-conformist and go-getters,”and for them Melwyn has plans to shortly introduce fashionable watches under the sub brand RACE. Melwyn is in the process of choosing a brand ambassador and scripting a marketing strategy to emotionally connect with the aspirations of “cool and adventurous youngsters.”

Case Study Questions
Choose a brand ambassador for RACE.
Develop a brand building strategy and the media mix.
Write a storyboard for a two minute advertisement on television.
List your choice of TV channels and other media.

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