Reflective Practice and Organisation Development – Individual AssignmentLearning outcomes and pass attainment level expectations:

Module Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the philosophy, theories and methods of reflection, reflective practice and organisation development.
  2. Apply, evaluate and appraise the role of reflection and reflective practice in developing contemporary organisations and change management.
  3. Communicate clearly and accurately using appropriate structure and reference source materials consistently and accurately using the Harvard referencing system.

You will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. Evidence of understanding of the key principles of reflection and reflective practice.
  2. Evidence of research and reading to select appropriate theories, concepts and frameworks (with appropriate referencing of sources).
  3. Ability to use appropriate theoretical perspectives to support critical consideration of the potential for reflection and reflective practice to enhance strategic organisation development.
  4. Effective communication, presentation and use of structure.

The following are indicative of the threshold pass requirements for the assignment.

  • Demonstrates some understanding of the key principles of reflection and reflective practice.
  • Some evidence of research to identify and introduce some appropriate theory (with references cited).
  • Demonstrates some use of appropriate theoretical perspectives to critically consider the potential for reflection and reflective practice to enhance strategic organisation development.


  • The level of communication enables evidence of understanding.

The stronger assignments will clearly build on these threshold requirements to demonstrate increasing levels of originality, depth of research, criticality in terms of analysis, evaluation and depth of argument, and clarity of writing and structure. Discussion relating to the levels of assessment will be an integral part of class sessions and seminars.

Management Pathway – Year 2 (Level 5)


Reflective Practice and Organisation Development


Individual Assignment (100% of the module assessment)


Introduction to the assignment


In previous Modules it has been established that life within many contemporary organisations lacks stability, is difficult to predict, and therefore extremely complex. The implications of this type of environment indicate that it is crucial to understand the origins and nature of the emergent issues and to discover more thoughtful and creative approaches for generating effective responses.


This module puts forward the view that reflection and reflective practice in their many forms are at the heart of enabling more powerful, innovative and effective processes of individual and organisational thought and action, facilitating sustainable organisation development and change.


Assignment requirements


The Senior Management Team of an organisation in which you have recently taken up a graduate management position have requested that you brief them on the principles of reflection and reflective practice and how this could facilitate the ongoing strategic development of their organisation.


With this in mind you are required to research, plan and write an individual 2500 word briefing document which explains the key principles of reflection and reflective practice and offers critical consideration of its potential for enhancing strategic organisation development.


Your briefing document should draw on and reference a range of academic literature supporting your discussion. You should also introduce concise examples from your experience/observations of organisations, the media etc. to illustrate and clarify your arguments.


Planning the assignment


This assignment must be seen as a distinct piece assessment, and should not be based on any assignments currently or previously submitted for assessment.


Discussions within the class sessions and seminars will offer opportunities to discuss approaches to the assignment.


To help to shape, support and develop the assignment you should consider utilising the following indicative resources:



The assignment requirements and assessment guidelines will be introduced and discussed within class sessions, and posted on Moodle. These should be used to help prepare and plan the briefing document, and to assist in the self-evaluation of your assignment prior to submission for assessment.



Please note this is an individual piece of assessment and you should ensure you have read and understood the University’s guidance on avoiding issues of alleged plagiarism and collusion. Advice is introduced within the Regulations pages – – and on the Centre for Academic Success Moodle page. If you have any additional questions on these issues it is essential to discuss them with a Module tutor. We reserve the right to put any assignments through our plagiarism software to detect inappropriate use of secondary sources, including books, other sources, Journals and internet sources. Where appropriate we may use a viva (‘an oral examination’) as part of the assessment process to help clarify and establish student understanding, and to examine the research undertaken for the assignment.


Method of submission


The format for submitting the briefing document is electronic, using the upload link provided on the Module Moodle page. Guidance on the process will be discussed in class sessions.


Students should retain a copy of the assignment, which may be requested by tutors as part of the assessment/moderation process.

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