lvmh strategic management case

Exam: Our cumulative final exam tormatistrue/talse. multiple choice.short-answers, and essay questions. Please
use a pen. write neatly, and you cannot leave the room after an exam has started.

Preparing and Analyzing Cases (Suggested ior those not lamiliar with Case analysis)

0 Read case twice: once quickly ioriamlliarity and a second time for increased understanding.

0 Carefully study exhibits and identity criticalissues. Do some number crunching.

0 Apply concepts and analytical toolstearned from prev-pus chapters and classes.

0 Identity contlicting opinions and make )udgments about validity otintormation.

0 Develop and prioritize yourrecommendations and assess costs and consequences oi each.

Case write-up Questions: Submitted before class(minlmum oi 500 words-700 word average) (Case posted in Course Documents)

1) How has Amazon’s entry into book selling shaken-up the retail book supply chain?

2) Compare retailers and e-tailers on several dimensions. Who hasthe advantage on these dimensions?

3) Click to read this article on Amazon‘s acquisition oi Kiva, then assess benefits/concerns with this acquisition
trite Jfiyflote s set.) mistssz’mjmsmllstzqts aroma m sages-Liv emu Baguette: Memo mamfliotmrna; orL-a ,n, Lament; a Mob
Casinos Case (Last Cha pterin McGraw-Hli e~book)

1) Conduct a Five Forceslndustry Analysis oithe Casino industry.

2) Do all gaming t‘rmscompele with each other equally? Support your answer.

3) Based on yourFive Forces analysis. what are yourrecommendationstorlndusb’y firms?

Cinepiex Odeon (Case posted in Course Documents)

1) What was Cineplex’stirst generic strategy (1979)? Did it reduce negative etiects olthe 5 Forces?

2) What was Cineplex Odeon‘s second (Blockbuster) generic strategy? Did itreduce negative eliects oi the 5

3) Compare leadership styles of Dra blnsky and Karp.

Carnival Corporation (Case posted in Course Documents)

1) What was C arnival Cruise Lines’ strategy for entering the cruise industry?

2) What is Carnival’s Corporate Strategy?

3) How does C arnlval’s Corporate Strategy ailect Its cruise divisions?


1) What is LVMH‘s corporate strategy? Wh at is the primary ‘Direction” of this strategy?

2) What capabilities have LVMH developed that distinguish it trom competitors? How does it cre ate synergy?
3) How are LVMH’s businesses better ott as part oi LVMi-i than they would be as independent iirrns?

Steve to Stephanie (HBS C ase)

1) How can Henrietta help Steve transition in a company where not everybody issupportive?

2) Does Steve’s transition risk integration or CatalCon. or any stakehold errelatlonshlps? Be Speclllc!

3) How tarshould time go to protect and accommodate employee differencesin the workplace?

ICl industries Case (Case posted in Course Documents) Write-up instructions at end of case.


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