Leadership Whirlwind Assignment Case
Leadership Whirlwind Assignment Case
Leadership Whirlwind Assignment Case
Week 2 discussion Leadership Whirlwind Step into a Leadership Whirlwind by clicking on the icon below. After listening to the “Whirlwind” identify two issues and develop a specific plan that would facilitate improvement for C.J. Your plan requires scholarly support for the actions as well as providing C.J. information useful for improvement. Peer response: For the peer response, you assume the role of C.J.’s immediate supervisor who must review and approve the improvement plan. You need to select a peer’s initial posting, review the suggested plan, provide feedback regarding the stated plan, and you must add one different technique/action to improve the identified plan.
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So many entrepreneurs focus on the idea but don’t end up executing. Why do you think this happens?
There are two fundamental reasons that execution is so difficult. The first is that it requires people to change their behavior. Simply put, if you want to achieve goals you’ve never achieved before, you have to do things you’ve never done before. Changing human behavior is never easy, but it’s even harder because of the second challenge: implementing these changes in an environment that’s already swirling with urgent priorities – what we call the Whirlwind. Together, these challenges can derail even the best leaders from achieving their goals.
4DX enables leaders to rise from authority-driven compliance to passion-driven commitment in themselves and the people they lead. Discipline 4 – The discipline of accountability. … 4DX brings the practices that drive accountability and follow through, despite a whirlwind of competing priorities.How do you prioritize your time so you can concentrate on what’s most important?
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