Laser photocoagulation

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This is a guidlines for the use or criteria for when and which are the diseases which must be used for photocoagulation .

please refer to the BMJ for shaping the guidelines. I  will send some samples for the preferred writer to know how it looks like

this is like a guideline for the treatment of the eye by ophthalmologist and to set a criteria or a guideline checklist to be a standard for future. please check an example of lucentis injection treatment and how it was shaped for yes or no in checklist format using reliable resources eg BMJ Royal college of ophthalmologist American society of ophthalmology

eg Ophthalmological Conditions Criteria for Covering Laser Photocoagulation the criteria should be based for Health insurance perspective to set a guidelines for approving such service and which patient is eligible and which is not and how often is laser for diabetic. Check list is mandatory as the sample of Lucentis inj thank you

Laser Photocoagulation Indications

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