KIN 3001: Heart Rate Assignment

KIN 3001: Heart Rate Assignment

# Lab Chapter Title Points Location Due Date Score
8 S.8 Heart Rate Assignment – Walking Test 10 Moodle 3/3
9 S.9 Heart Rate Assignment – Leisure Activity 10 Moodle 3/3
10 S.10 Heart Rate Assignment – Continuous Cardio Activity 10 Moodle 3/3
11 S.11 Heart Rate Assignment – Vigorous Interval Workout 10 Moodle 3/3
12 S.12 Heart Rate Assignment – A Day in the Life 15 Moodle 3/3
13 S.13 Heart Rate Assignment – Relaxation 10 Moodle 3/3
14 S.14 Heart Rate Assignment – Stressful Situation 10 Moodle 3/3
Total Points 75 Total Score


This lab set is due by the start of class on Tuesday, October 13.

To avoid losing unnecessary points, make sure to:

  • Start each lab on a new page
  • Once you have completed the labs, create a single pdf file and upload to Moodle

Add your name and class ID # to the top of the assignment

For all questions regarding how many calories you burned, you are required to obtain this information from your heart rate monitor. Do not use a website or app to estimate calories burned in an activity.

Lab S-08

Heart Rate Monitor Labs

1-Mile (1600 meter) Walking Test

10 points



Remember to moisten the electrodes on the attaching transmitter with the chest strap.


  1. Go to a 200 or 400 meter track. For this lab, you need to WALK and not run.
  2. Wearing your heart rate monitor, walk the first 400 meters at a heart rate of 100-115 bpm.
  3. For the remaining 1200 meters, increase your walking pace and maintain a heart rate between 130-140 bpm.



  1. How long (time and/or distance) were you able to walk in each of the target heart rate zones?





  1. How difficult was it for you to maintain a walking pace that corresponded to a heart rate of 130-140 bpm? Explain your answer.







  1. Reaching a heart rate of 130-140 bpm for at least 20 minutes contributes to cardiorespiratory fitness. Would it be possible for you to actually walk in this target zone for 20 minutes or longer? Explain your answer.








  1. How many calories did you burn during this activity?


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