Do you have any experience using guided imagery, visualization, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or role playing? These are a few example of intervention strategies you can use in group work and individual work.
This discussion has two parts. The first incorporates an academic piece and the second a practice skills piece.
1. Find one scholarly article related to one of the interventions strategies listed above. Briefly summarize the main idea of the article (a paragraph would be fine). Cite the article using APA format so your classmates can easily find the article if they are so inclined. I suggest using the Miller Library ( online resources or Google Scholar ( help you find a scholarly article. The article does not have to be social work specific and can be a medical or health related article.
2. Find one example of one intervention strategy listed above (or one that is mentioned in Chapter 10) in upload. that you could use in a group. I am looking for an example of an exercise you could use in a group. Include what type of group you would use this exercise. Include a brief description of the exercise (a paragraph or so is fine) and the source. Please cite your source so others can easily find it.

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