“In the Combat Zone” by Leslie Marmon Silko or “Believe Me, It’s Torture” by Christopher Hitchens.

Christopher Hitchens.
Project description
Rhetorical Analysis

For this essay, you will be analyzing an author’s use of different types of rhetoric and the effect those have on
the article. Remember, rhetoric is the use of figurative speech and other composition devices to persuade a
reader. To fully analyze the rhetoric of the article you choose, you can look at two categories of devices: the
author’s use of appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos) and the author’s style of writing (diction, imagery, detail,
language, tone). After you examine your section based on the author’s appeals and style, you will make a
judgment as an objective, third party reader about the effectiveness of the selection by explaining how the
rhetoric is effective (or not) for the intended audience and purpose.

Since analysis of appeals is part of any rhetorical analysis, your final rhetorical analysis should have one
appeal and at least one (but probably more) rhetorical element. Remember, an effective essay will show how
all of these things work together, so in your appeals paragraph, you can also add in rhetorical elements. Think,
therefore, about what appeals you had the best grasp on from your appeals analysis.

For your analysis, you may use “In the Combat Zone” by Leslie Marmon Silko or “Believe Me, It’s Torture

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