Implementation of a discharge planning strategies to improve transition to postacute and transitional care units and to reduce readmissions in an acute care setting ( it could be ORlando Health MEdical center or Florida Hospital

Paper details:

Key Assignment

Write an additional 2–3 pages (600–800 words) to your Executive Summary, explaining your evaluation plans for the project, as follows:

What measures will you use to evaluate the project’s success?
What does success look like?
What methods will you use to conduct the evaluation of the project?
What is the time line for evaluating the project?
How will you ensure the project’s continued success moving forward?
Make sure to include citations as well as any references used.

Add 3–4 slides that address these points to your existing PowerPoint presentation that you created in Phase 4.

Key Assignment Final Submission

Submit your final draft of your project to your instructor. Be sure to incorporate any of the valid feedback or changes that you received from your peers and instructor if it applies. The final draft should be professional in all aspects and free from errors.

Please submit your assignment.



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