impact of the American Revolution on world history

impact of the American Revolution on world history from Colonial America book Jerome Reich and REd White and Black by Gary Nash. I have over 220 words already written

Discuss the impact of the American Revolution on world history

The American Revolution had a major impact on world history. The British and American colonies were a major contributor to the American Revolution. The Americans fighting for independence definitely caused an interest from Europe’s most powerful colonials in charge. This type of conflict was a determine fate of some North American colonies, but also balance some colonial powers throughout the world. Some colonies were not satisfied with the British, and Europeans connection to the American Revolution came at the end of a century filled with rivalry.
The American Revolution was only the beginning in the transformation of the American social life. John Adams was right in 1776 when he claimed that members of the Continental Congress were in favor of modifying rather than destroying political institutions (Reich p.289). A series of actions made by the British pushed the colonists over and towards independence. The war made some people feel like they had a role in society while others like the slaves seen no change.
The American Revolution had many causes with long term social, economic and political changes in the colonies. There were many conflicts between government and the colonists that began with the Stamp Act in 1765 and then an outbreak with the war in 1775 and the Declaration of Independence.
The American Revolution had a few

Secondly, American independence signified the creation of a new nation-state and a new player on the world political/economic scene. With its history of European ties, an independent America was sure to become a key political and economic player in European affairs. As the United States grew in the following centuries, its importance to Europe also grew. Today, the United States is one of Europe’s greatest economic and political allies.

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