Choose one of the following cases. To locate, it is suggested you Google the author & look for the title.
• Summey, E. & Laslet,C ( 2014) RTI at West Elementary: Supplement or supplant, or a little of each? Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership September, 17: 12-20. Or
Huddleston, L. , (2014). Using a crisis to redefine school culture, Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, 17, 78-85.
Mohan, E. .(2007)Challenging Multiculturalism: Is it right for everyone? Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership. 10(1), pp. 7-13.
Your analysis should be 3-6 double spaced pages. In it, you should assume you are the character responsible for the case. In that role, distinguish carefully between facts and assumptions as you analyze the case in the following way:
• Set the scene (important background information, relevant facts)
• Identify two to five main problems (Why do they exist? How do they impact the organization? Who is responsible for them?).
• Develop a recommended course of action (Draw on theory, concepts, models, and research findings that you have been studying to help you formulate possible courses of action)
• Project the possible impact of your course of action for both the short-term and the longer term of your institution and what follow-up may be necessary.

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