For this assignment you will assume the role of Fire Chief for the department you work for or one that you are familiar with. During a review of annual data, you identified the reoccurring trend of emergency service calls for a large number of incidents involving the items listed below. In order to curb the increased risk to the community and the citizens from such these incidents, you will need to draft develop a community reduction plan that identifies the problem and proposes an action plan with necessary steps for the path that you propose, along with actions to reduce these calls.
Your plan will be presented at the next city council meeting. Choose any three of the following for your community risk reduction plan. You are encouraged to choose three that you believe (and/or researched) to be the greatest or most common risks in your community.
bicycle safety,
carbon monoxide poisoning,
dog bites,
misuse of seat belts,
ingested poisonings,
child drowning,
boating safety,
fireworks safety,
elderly fall safety, and
cooking or heating appliance fire prevention.
Your plan should start with a clear communication of the following actions that are listed below.
Interpret the principles of community risk reduction.
Summarize the role fire department should have in the risk reduction process.
Address roles and responsibilities (fire department and community).
Explain how your plan addresses changes necessary to mitigate future risks.
Explain the importance and role of technology (e.g., internet, communication devices) in implementing your plan.
Next, identify each of the three incidents you have chosen and complete these objectives:
Identify the risks faced by the community and its residents for each of the three incidents.
Propose a specific plan and steps to mitigate or reduce these risks and incidents.
Identify any necessary resources that may be needed to enact your plan.
Outline a plan for follow-up and assessment of the plan’s impact.

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