2. Consider this statement by Columbia Professor Barbara J. Fields, Ph. D. “If the things that the Civil War was fought over have not been resolved, then it can be said that the Civil War is not over. And if it is not over, it can still be lost.” (You may agree with Dr. Fields or not; that is not the point of this question.) Personally, I would diagnose the United States as suffering from a 156-year-old case of PTSD. Identify some of the unresolved components of the Civil War, focusing, of course, on race, ethnicity, and—if possible—gender. Explain why your examples are unresolved Make a prognosis re: the consequences of loss for our Republic and its people. Begin your essay with a thesis question. Focus, of course, on race, ethnicity, and gender. Include reference to illustrative and well-chosen examples of events and persons. Use your own words throughout: no more than three minimal brief quotations, please. Cite like this: [Lepore 116], [Collins 208], [Lepore 83], [Spires Module 8] This component is worth a possible 25 points.

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