“A critical analysis of the UK supermarket sector and my preparedness to work as a manager in this sector”
Following the emergence of the Coronavirus, immense pressure has been placed upon the provision of basic goods and services around the globe, it has changed modes of delivery, customer engagement and product choice to name only three issues. Drawing upon the topics covered in MGT136 (Strategy, Marketing, Operations Management and CSR), your task is to analyse what you perceive to be the main issues and challenges facing the UK supermarket sector over the next five years.
In part B, your task is to evaluate to what extent the content of MGT134 has provided you with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to address the challenges and issues you identified in Part A. To achieve this, you must draw on at least three of the major topic areas covered in MGT134 (History of Management/Management philosophies, Stakeholder engagement and management, Global Management, Decision Making, Sustainable Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics).
Considerations Part A.
You will need to demonstrate an awareness and understanding of key MGT136 component principles,
Apply them to highlight potential challenges faced by firms in the UK’s supermarket sector. All challenges should be premised on existing factual evidence.
The emphasis will be on the application of key subject component principles to identify and develop logical arguments relating to the business environment and the potential impacts.
Typical scope should cover at least 2 different organisations within the sector – in the whole essay you must refer to at least 2 different organisations in the UK supermarket sector.
Part B.

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