1.A zygote begins with a complement of two homologous chromosome pairs,chromosomes1A and 1B, and chromosomes 2A and 2B.a.What combinationsof these chromosomes would you expect to find in this organism’s somatic cells?What combinations would you expect to find in its gametes?b.Assume the zygote is heterozygous for three different genes located on the two homologous chromosome pairsdescribed above(CcDdEe), with the genes C and D both found onthe same chromosome(1), and gene E onthe otherchromosome(2). Both dominant alleles for genes C and D are on the same chromosome of the homologous pair(so in total, we describe this as CD/cd;E/e). Draw a cell from this organism’s body showing the chromosomes, in the following stages of the cell cycle (be sure all copies of all gene alleles are clearly labeled): G1, G2, Metaphase of Mitosis, and Metaphase of Meiosis. For this question,assume no crossing over.

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