Listed below are suggested points to help you consider for your report. You may choose to focus on one of the points or if you wish to develop your own on how modern workplace strategies align with an organisation strategic CRE approach you may do so. Alternatively, you may choose to focus on one or two points below, combine multiple points as an opinion piece or focus on all the points. The decision is entirely up to you but be aware of the word limit. Points of consideration
How does the physical workplace align with a business strategy and corporate culture where organisations seek to increase productivity and revenue while minimizing costs and improving employee retention? Discuss.
Does an organisation need to make changes in their workspace and technology to the way people work? If so, why? If not, why not? * What are the values and skills that an organisation has in relation to their corporate workplace strategy?
How does demographics of the work force in an organisation impact on its ability to optimize workplace strategies to improve their underlying financial position? Discuss in depth.
* What, if any, is the correlation between a productive workforce and increased revenue? * What may be employees’ reactions to the physical changes in the work environment? * What are the factors to develop a flexible workplace strategy that aligns with CRE strategies?
How does individual work styles, culture, management, participation, and communication play in managing and changing working behavior and aligning these with overall corporate strategies to improve the corporate real estate function in an organisation?

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