MSN-prepared nurses serve as leaders across a wide array of healthcare and organizational contexts, influencing individuals, teams, organizations, and communities. Recognizing this far-reaching impact of the MSN-prepared nurse as leader in shaping healthcare and the profession, respond to the following.
– Why are self-care and self-leadership important, and how do they relate to one’s competency as a leader? How is self-care related to self-leadership?
– Based upon the Chamberlain Care Model (attached below), what are the implications when adequate self-care is present? What are the implications when self-care is lacking or absent?
– How are self-care and self-leadership reflected in the principles of authentic leadership?
– What are the implications of effective self-leadership and self-care in your future MSN role? Provide two recommendations to further cultivate self-care and self-leadership.
*Include current, peer-reviewed scholarly support (dated within the last 5 years) to validate your work

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