1. How are Lizzie and Laura distinguished from one another in the beginning part of the poem, before Laura even eats the Goblin fruit?
2. Where are key moments in each girl’s transformation from one role to the next? For example, at what moment do you think Laura “fell?” at what moment does Lizzie change from passive domestic angel to something else?
3. How is each girl’s encounter with the Goblin men different?
4. What might be radical about casting Lizzie in a Savior role? What might be radical about allowing Laura to recover from her state of fallenness?
5. What do you make of the ending of Goblin Market? Many readers feel it doesn’t fit. How does it seem to contrast the rest of the poem? In what ways do you think it is a fitting ending?
5. Do the girls simply move in and out of these defined gender roles, or can you find moments where they begin to redefine each role?
6. what means are the terms Angel in the House, Fallen Woman, and New Woman, give a brief explanation.

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