The Government of a state in Nigeria has invested so much in revamping the educational sector. The Government has even set up free and compulsory education from primary to high school level. Personnel and infrastructures have been overhauled for this purpose. However, the State has only one special needs school for disabled students. The state of the school is in appalling state. The teachers have barely updated qualification or expertise. There are not up to date infrastructure befitting for the 21st state of the art facility to cater for these students, as a result the students don’t have the required education and so many are left without education because there is no where for them to get quality education and are left to their fate and don’t have an opportunity to live a productive, inclusive or useful life.
As a member of that community and a diversity, inclusion, and equality research student; write a paper to the Government.
1. Give a good and catchy title to the article.
2. highlighting the need for inclusive education for students with different kinds of disability to give them a great future.
3. Highlights the benefits of their education to the economic development and work force of the society.
4. Give recommendations of how the gap can be filled; the types of training and personnel that needs to be employed in such schools. In addition, the kind of state-of-the-art modern infrastructures and the equipment the school should have.
5. Highlight, the need for and importance of inclusive education and what the human right and global view and conventions about equality and inclusive education for personnel development and human capacity building has to say.
6. Give example of any other state or country in Africa has invested in inclusive education for the disabled, their journey, challenges, benefits to the society and success .

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