HCS 341 week 1 Healthcare

HCS 341 week 1
Managing Human Resources 7e Ch01
1. What personal qualities do you think are necessary for acouple with children to have successful careers? How wouldyou select for those qualities? Explain.

2. What role, if any, should the HR department play in reducing the pay gap between men and women? Explain.

Managing Human Resources 7e Ch02

4. Are job descriptions really necessary? What would happen if a company decided not to use
any job descriptions at all?

5. Are managers likely to question the work commitment of their contingent workers? What
might be the consequences for management when the majority of a company’s workforce consists of temporary employees and contract workers?

Managing Human Resources 7e Ch03

6. What is adverse impact? How does it differ from adverse treatment?

6. Under the ADA, is an obese individual considered to have a disability and therefore be eligible
for coverage? Explain.

Managing Human Resources 7e Ch16

7. What is the difference between the objectives of workers’ compensation and the objectives
of OSHA?

8. What kinds of policies do you think would work best to prevent workplace

Please use three references and 150 words.

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