Hamlet, The life of pi and The great gatsby

Hellen Keller once stated, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” With respect to this quotation, formulate a thesis that you will prove in a comparative essay of 2000-2500 words based on the following three works: Hamlet, The Life of Pi, and the novel that you have selected from the ISP novel list provided by your teacher.

In your comparison, speak about a theme (or themes) – such as overcoming obstacles or suffering. Also speak about the literary devices used by the three authors.

Please note the following guidelines:

Please do not devote much attention to plot.

Work on a theme such as conflict or suffering, and the plot details will be covered in a natural fashion.

Remember to speak about the literary devices that each author uses to bolster the themes.

You may write more than three body paragraphs.

To achieve the highest quality work, compare aspects of all three works in each paragraph. In other words, do not write a paragraph on Hamlet, then a paragraph on The Life of Pi, and so on.

Use only short quotations or snippets of quotes and integrate these into your sentences.

Document your quotations.

Examining secondary sources allows you to identify key ideas/points for your essay.

Use two secondary sources correctly in your essay.

Use some quotations from your primary sources (Hamlet and the novels), but select these with care. The selected quotes should be used to elucidate an idea or comparison. Do not use quotes for the sake of using quotes or to say things that can be said in your own words.

Ensure that your essay is consistent with the MLA format as outlined in previous units and activities. Remember to include your Works Cited page as well as your title page with your essay.

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