My score from the test is slightly below average in life satisfaction. That means that I have significant problems in various aspects of my life. It also means that I have most of the areas and aspects of my life doing well, but a single area represents a substantial problem for me. Following this slight satisfaction of my life, there is a possibility that things will change and be in order. Sometimes I have high expectations in life, but life changes are required. Therefore, although there is a temporal dissatisfaction in my life, a continual degree of dissatisfaction across various aspects in my life, several areas call for reflection. I gain motivation from a minimal degree of dissatisfaction in my life (“BBC NEWS | Programmes | Happiness Formula | Test your happiness,” n.d.). However, dissatisfaction across multiple aspects of my life is often a distraction.

Dr. Barbara Frederickson’s text on positivity says important aspects of happiness. My opinion of her thoughts is that she sufficiently discusses her opinions on happiness. I believe that she is suggestive that happiness is an important aspect of communication that encompasses love in it. It promotes effective communication because it fosters a positive and effective outcome of a given communication. I also think that happiness should be included in the textbook. The inclusion of the text would be essential because it would provide an avenue for the expansion of knowledge and information concerning happiness and positivity in communication. Happiness can be incorporated in the book by including a chapter that discusses the issue of happiness. The chapter on happiness can also have information of how happiness can promote positivity in communication. As such, it would be essential to have happiness included.


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