This is a new activity. We are doing a glossary entry this week. Each of you needs to create a glossary entry.
Listen to a Movie B.S. podcast or read one of the written reviews on Eric D. Snider’s webpage. Choose one of the films evaluated. Create a glossary entry that summarizes the review of the film. Use the summary strategies from pages 44 and 45 to help your summarizing strategies (including either a referential or rhetorical summary). Do they use Aristotelian Rhetoric, Rogerian Argument, or the ToulminModel in their reviews ? What grade/score do Eric Snider/Jeff Bayer give the film? What other things do they discuss? Feel free to do a Aristotelian, Rogerian, or Toulmin summary in your glossary. If you’ve seen the film, feel free to add your own evaluation to the review using your own criteria. 
You must choose a film that no one else has chosen. Enter the glossary entry as the film title. It might be best to choose a film you have seen. Try to make your entry around 250 words

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