The place where people live and the family that provides them support are the sources of both positive and negative values. Simply put, these values can either be beneficial to the person or can be a disadvantage. Positive values help in shaping the person to become a morally upright individual. On the contrary, negative values transform the person in an undesirable way. Navigating through life can be complex in the absence of the core values that directed my step and lighted my path.

There are five core values that I will never let go of – family, courage, love, integrity, and determination.
The values inculcated in me are also the same values that add to my strong competencies particularly in thinking creatively, managing projects, and living with change. Despite my unwillingness to perform the task of being a leader, there are times when I my gut feeling cannot swallow the sight of one person doing all the work while others are just watching and doing nothing. Hence, I have the tendency to take the projects and handle them myself even without the knowledge of my colleagues.

My work embodies my values. I was raised with strong support and relentless reinforcement until support was gradually released thereby giving me the freedom to discover things on my own. Two of my top values are accomplishment and respect. Personally, accomplishment is vital to me. I like to witness positive outcomes in everything that I do and I make use of my strongest abilities so as to achieve my accomplishments. The feeling of accomplishment that I obtain from the work I do gives me unexplainable happiness. I love the thought of gaining respect for my chosen craft and I love working in a safe environment. I also feel that I need to do something with my weaknesses such as difficulty delegating; low tolerance level for stress; over analysis; and easily distracted. It is my ultimate desire to become the best person that I can be and be a role model to my family, my children, and my colleagues.

Guiding Principles

A. Internal

1. Know myself better
In order to get to know myself better, particularly my talents and abilities, I need to gain awareness of my passion and interests. Through self-awareness, I will be able to gain knowledge on how to improve myself. As a credit analyst, I am well-aware of my skills in advanced mathematics and quantitative analysis. My bachelor’s degree has been helpful in enabling me to function well at work.

2. be honest at all times
As a credit analyst, I will always place high value in honesty in order not to compromise my work and for others to emulate this positive virtue.

3. Become knowledgeable of other people.
Developing professional relationships with people will offer me the chance to become acquainted with them and get to know them better. This will also enable me to find more meaning in my dealings with them and discover more of their positive and negative traits.

4. Manage stress effectively
Stress are common responses especially in a type of work that involves great analysis, precision, and multitasking. I will manage stress effectively by learning how to prioritize tasks from the most urgent to the least urgent ones.

1. Create sound work performance as a credit analyst
For me to create sound work performance as a credit analyst, I need to apply good decision-making, problem solving, and planning tools. As a credit analyst, my main focus is on becoming detail oriented for me to be more accurate in analyzing accounts. I also need to be more well-organized and thorough to guarantee proper accounting of documents and data.

2. Become responsible for my actions and decisions
As a credit analyst, I will be constantly confronted with decision making. In granting credits, I need to be aware that the outcome of my decision is my sole responsibility. Hence, giving importance to creditors and ensuring proper analyses of credit are essential.
C. Learning and Development

1. Work harder to become technically proficient
In today’s competitive world, I must be aware of the skills and tasks required to progress my career. For me to do this, I must develop my knowledge in technical aspects and only then will I be able to understand how things are done in the technical world.

2. Acquisition of greater knowledge
Acquiring greater knowledge is only possible by getting into and participating in formal classes. I plan to acquire greater knowledge by obtaining higher education such as taking a master’s degree.
D. Financial

1. Achieve financial freedom
Financial freedom can only be achieved through proper planning and establishing of a budget. Further, I will reduce all unnecessary expenses and give more priority to important ones.


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