Fire Prevention Organization and Management Unit VIII

Fire Prevention Organization and Management Unit VIII

For your final assignment, you will create an original, informational, three-minute community risk reduction video. This video should provide a clear vision of yourself speaking. Ensure you dress properly and speak naturally in a pleasant, social way. You may use any recording equipment to record your video, including a cell phone. Record your video in front of a local firehouse, fire apparatus, or another relevant backdrop. If you record your video outside, ensure that there are no distracting or overbearing sounds that hinder the ability to clearly hear you.
After you record the video, you will upload it to YouTube. Review this document to assist you in the process: YouTube Upload Instructions. To submit your three-minute video, copy the HTML code from YouTube into a Word document and submit it through Blackboard along with the transcript of your video and a reference page containing any references used.
In your three-minute video, you must introduce yourself and discuss:

aspects of fire prevention, safety, or risk reduction topic pertinent to your local area or organization (or future organization);
fire prevention research involved with your selected topic;
the effect of departmental influences on your selected topic (or in general fire prevention programs and activities); and
strategies for fire prevention involved with your topic.

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The following resources will aid you in developing your video. Please review them prior to beginning the assignment.
Video Quality Assurance Guidelines
Recording and Uploading a Video
Remember to review the rubric before you submit the link to your original video.
If you do not have a way to record a video, you are allowed to create an eight-slide PowerPoint presentation instead. For the presentation, you must follow the same prompt as above, but also include at least four images; a title slide with your name, the date, and the title of your original project; a reference slide; and voice-over narration for every slide (other than the reference slide). Ensure you follow APA guidelines. For information about creating a presentation using PowerPoint, view PowerPoint Basics or reach out to the Writing Center for assistance.
If you decide to complete a PowerPoint instead of a video, remember to review the rubric before you submit your presentation.

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