1. Select a topic area covered in the course. (Family Domestic violence) Conduct a literature review of best-practice
interventions for this topic area. (Social work therapeutic interventions) Critique those interventions (three or four).
2. Identify the impact oppression and marginalization has on this population (individuals,
families, and groups).
3. Select the intervention that best fits with your practice style (make sure to describe your
practice style) and present a brief case example illustrating how you would implement the
4. Include a one-page dialogue between you and the client system that illustrates the use of
the intervention.
5. Describe how you would join with the client system to engage in collaborative practice.
Describe the ways in which your approach is consistent with the values and ethics of the profession. Discuss the ethical implications of the practice intervention you have
6. How would you measure the effectiveness of your intervention? How would you know
whether the intervention is working? From whom would you gather information? What
kind of information would you gather?

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