implementation of a training program for new staff in restaurants, especially the waiters and waitresses. The problem identified is that new staff and specifically the waiters and the waitresses have a challenge getting accustomed to the operations in restaurants and recommending food to the customers, which often results in the clients being dissatisfied.
In around one page of prose, please identify the problem for which you want to provide a solution. Consider some of the bullet points provided on the Problem/Solution Prompt. Extra consideration will be given for engagement with/reference to sources. Also consider the rhetorical situation:
Who is your audience?
Who will benefit from solving this problem?
Explain the So What?/Who Cares? In other words, why is this problem pressing and why should an average person care?
Please also consider your solution:
What other solutions exist and why will they not be as effective?
What objections would a person have about your problem and how might you address those objections?
Is the solution: cost-effective/feasible/reasonable?

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