During the High Middle Ages (1000-1300 CE) the revival of trade and the growth of industrial production – particularly in the woolen industry – fostered the rebirth of urban centers and the creation of numerous new occupations as a result.
Your task is to craft an essay that explains the major points in the symbiotic chain of events – from shepherding to the sale of woolen clothes – in this development.
Your assigned reading from the textbook will be the basis for your understanding of the material, but you may wish to consult the following resources as well (though they are not required):
The Wool Trade
Robert Dalling, “Growing Wool Industry Expands Trade.” Click for more options “Growing Wool Industry Expands Trade.” – Alternative Formats In The Story of Us Humans, From Atoms to Today’s Civilization (Lincoln, NB: iUniverse, 2006): 327-9.

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