A new medical products company that specializes in products that benefit the disabled, began about a year ago. They realized that product development is further enhanced when their creative product developers and engineers work in teams. The company vision is: Provide enabling products to enhance lives. Their mission is to provide products that make daily living easier for the disabled. Their values are embodied in the company saying: Integrity and customer-driven design in all that we do.
Several teams of two (an engineer and a product designer) are tasked with developing the newest energy efficient motorized wheel chairs. These teams will compete on their designs for the new products and the best product will be produced. The executive leadership has given the teams a deadline of 4 months.
You and your teammate represent one of the teams in this competition. Your team name is the Motion Launch Team or MLT. You will demonstrate your ability to communicate as team members to executive management in this assignment.
Based on the scenario and the company vision, mission, and values address the following items concerning your MLT process to be used in developing your eventual team product submission.
Describe how MLT will build trust within the team based on your reading.
Explain how your MLT will get support for the design. How will your team get support from the production team if the MLT design is chosen?
How will MLT anticipate and overcome objections?
Provide the team’s timeline to realize deliverables.
Name the company departments that would be responsible for the various steps in the process.

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