In this assignment, you will create an Information Technology leadership vision board in which you summarize three leaders who serve as examples of the leader you want to be.
Select three leaders in the IT world who have had a positive effect on their company. These leaders do not need to be from big companies but should be attached to IT projects.
Address the following for each leader in your vision board: 1 slide per leader add references on each slide
List their name, company, and role at the company.
Define their top three leadership traits or behaviors.
Explain how these traits or behaviors affected the company or project.
Define a prominent communication tactic used by this person.
Describe how the leader cultivated relationships in their organization or in their industry.
Explain how the leader utilized those relationships.
Describe how this person’s leadership led to innovation or change management.
Include one piece of advice you’d like to remember from this person’s experience.
Include images as appropriate.

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