executive board for marketing simulation

Your team will create the Final Report to the Board, which will be a written summary of performance. The Report to the Executive Board should include the following components:
The second year is starting from Quarter 5-8 because quarter 1-4 was the first year and this paper is fro quarter 5-8 which is our 2nd year .
When you log on to the market place, click on decision area, Click on previous quarter which is located on the top left corner to start from Quarter 5 through 8 read everything under task list so you understand what the paper is to be written on.
Marketing plan is attached. Which included information from the first year ( Quarter 1-4)
1. Assess your business strategy and performance during the 2nd year.
a. Compare actions taken in regards to the marketing plan (will be attached)
b. Discuss departures from the marketing plan, justification, and outcome
c. Review significant events that affected the company and/or market
2. Compare actions taken in regard to the marketing plan.
a. What are your firm’s strengths and weaknesses?
This is a few of what we did during quarters 5-8.
Here are a few things you will need to know, we modeled our brands through the other group members results when we got the results. We also put some funds into R&D projects, we also offered rebates on our products, etc (All of this information is available when you log on to the simulation)
You will want to pay specific details to the Cross cuter which is our 100 Carat, The innovator which is our 200 Carat and workhorse which is our 300 Carat and 400 Carat which is traveler.
The 100, 200, 300 and 400 carat are our brand design name. Therefore when taking a look at the Financial and market performance, that is what you want to focus on and write the paper on.
I will upload what we did during quarter 1-5. Which was our marketing plan. You will need to read it.

Quarter 5: Seek external funding—prepare marketing plan.
• Evaluate performance—financial, marketing, and competitive.
• Develop 2-year marketing plan
– Goals—marketing and financial
– Marketing strategy
– Financial strategy
• Invest in R&D for new technology.
• Begin roll out of marketing plan.

Quarter 6: Monitor, improve, and execute.
• Evaluate performance—financial, marketing, and competitive.
• Skillfully adjust strategy.
• Marketing—make incremental changes in tactics.
– Use activity based costing (ABC) to evaluate profitability of brands and sales offices.
– Conduct demand analysis to estimate brand, price, advertising, and sales force elasticity.
– Continuously improve brand features (R&D).

Quarters 7 & 8: Monitor, improve, and execute (continue).
• Manage strategy.
• Skillfully adjust strategy to unanticipated competitive moves.
• Continuously improve brand features (R&D), pricing, promotions, and sales force.
• Adjust strategy within financial capability.

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