A volcano is a crack or opening in the Earth’s crust, which erupts, magma, lava and many hot gases present the Earth internal structure. A volcano is actually formed when the magma erupts from the Earth, and it forms a mountain on its surface, which becomes the crevice through which lava erupts every time. The Earth’s crust is about a few hundred kilometers thick below the Earth’s surface. It is made up of tectonic plates that are found to float upon magma, which is liquefied, rock and scalding hot, releasing hot gases. At places where the tectonic plates move or slide past each other, there becomes a point where the Earth’s crust is lighter than the surrounding areas. At such a point, the hot magma beneath it pushes upward through the cracks and crevices and emerges on the Earth’s surface as lava from a volcano. (Bagley, n.pag).

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