You will develop a video presentation on the social welfare history of a population or issue and use that to inform your commentary on where the field needs to go to be more effective in addressing the needs of this population. The final product will be a presentation uploaded to a discussion board that includes an engaging slide presentation with at least 2 visual aids to enhance your understanding of the materials.
Before you start researching for this presentation, decide on a target group of people or an issue to follow throughout history.
Be aware of the level of specificity and breadth here. “Poverty” is a big issue that you can track through time, but it doesn’t allow you to get very deep with your research. “Children in poverty”, for example, is broad enough to track throughout history, but also specific enough to create an interesting presentation.
Tell the story of the population’s place in American social welfare. Use your presentation to identify:
the perceptions, ideological currents, and values within society that shaped how this population or issue was viewed and served
the welfare response to this population at each era that we covered in the previous modules
Evaluate the policy response to this population over time. What policies promote or inhibit services to this population?
Finally, the present perspectives, ideologies, and values that shape our current views of this population, and the current welfare/policies targeted towards this population.
Develop slides with a minimum of 2 visual aids (charts, images, gifs) to follow along with your presentation. All presentations should include a title slide and a closing slide for references in APA. Remember that referencing is required whenever quoting or using others’ work to include paraphrasing or employing key ideas (which includes citations on your slides). Successful presentations will include at least 7 references, scholarly or otherwise.

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