Personally, I believe that to use effectively a machine or any tool to one need to have prior information about it and needs to have frequently used it. The experience he has in the use of the equipment will make him work most effectively and efficiently with the machine. Therefore, I propose that the disaster management equipment need to be used frequently by the people who are responsible for taking rescue actions in case of the occurrence of the disaster. The main reason is that through the frequent interaction with the machines and equipment, the workers are able to familiarize themselves with the machine operation. In addition, frequent use of the machine will always maintain the machine in reasonable working conditions. There have been instances in some regions where a machine that has been unused fails to works effectively during a disaster. This may occur because the workers were not actually aware that the machine had some technical problems. The frequent use and testing of the machinery are also beneficial because it will prompt the creation of infrastructure that facilitates the proper use of the specific machines. There have been instances especially in the third world countries where the machines are not able to use the small paths available in the informal settlements like the slums. Through the testing and use of the machines in such regions, the states can ensure that the roads are expanded to make the disaster response faster during the occurrence of one.

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