Education & Empathy Maya Parker Preschooler Sick Visit Ear Pain Health

Education & Empathy Maya Parker Preschooler Sick Visit Ear Pain Health

Education & Empathy : 4 Of 4 (100.0%)

During the patient interview, there are a number of opportunities to provide patient education and empathy. The opportunities listed below are those identified by nursing experts to be of particular importance to this patient. A Model Statement is provided as an example of an appropriate response to each opportunity.

  • Opportunities marked as Not Encountered are opportunities that were not elicited in the interview
  • Opportunities marked as Not Followed Up are missed opportunities that were present in the interview, but where no statements were made
  • Opportunities marked as Followed Up were followed up by students, and include the dialogue between student and patient

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 1 Fitting in

Followed Up

 Description: Samantha feels like she doesn’t fit in with her peers.
Do you want to lose weight? (Clarified to: Why do you think you need to lose weight?) Question
06:29 AM EST
Just . . . to look more athletic, you know. Like I fit in with everybody. (Clarified to: why I think I need to lose weight)
You should not try to fit in. Everyone is unique. Educate
06:30 AM EST
Um, that makes sense.
 Model Statement: “At age 13, there are a lot of social pressures, coming from your friends at school, teammates at soccer, and influencers on social media. It’s important to be a part of a community that accepts and supports you. If you don’t feel accepted or supported, then you should feel comfortable discussing these issues with people you do trust, because that environment might not be healthy for you. It’s also possible that you’re being hard on yourself. I know it’s tempting to compare yourself to others, but don’t let that damage your self-worth.”


 2 Body Image

Followed Up

 Description: Samantha has insecurities about her body image.
Do you feel your weight is okay? (Clarified to: How do you feel about your weight?) Question
06:27 AM EST
Um, I mean, I wish I could lose this baby fat. All my friends wear one size smaller than me, so it’s super awkward when they’re swapping clothes . . . and talking about their periods . . . just hard not to compare. (Clarified to: how I feel about my weight)
I understand your concerns but you should not try to fit in or compare yourself to others. Educate
06:29 AM EST
 Model Statement: “Samantha, you’ve mentioned wanting to lose baby fat and look athletic. I’m really sorry you’re having a hard time with the way people see you and the way you see yourself, but there’s nothing wrong with how you look, and you’re in good health. I know it’s easy for me to say this here in the clinic and hard for you when you’re getting compared to other people, but there’s nothing you need to change about yourself.”

 3 Menstruation

Followed Up

 Description: Samantha has concerns that she should have had her first period already.
Have you started your periods? Question
06:17 AM EST
No, I haven’t started my period yet. It’s kind of weird because all my friends have? Whenever they talk about it, like the cramps or whatever, I just pretend like I’ve had mine, too. Just to fit in.
I understand your concerns, but it’s normal for a person of your age to not have started their periods yet. Educate
06:20 AM EST
Cool. Good to know.
 Model Statement: “Knowing that your classmates are having their periods when you haven’t had one yet can be frustrating, but you don’t have anything to worry about. It’s typical for someone your age to not have started menstruating yet, and we can expect it to happen before you are 15. Everyone’s experience is a little bit different—sometimes I have patients who are concerned at how early they started. You’re prepared for your first period when it happens, and you’re comfortable talking about it here. That’s the maturity that matters, so do your best not to worry about where your peers are.”

 4 Skipping Meals

Followed Up

 Description: Samantha says that she skips lunch once or twice a week to reduce her caloric intake.
Do you skip any meals? Question
06:32 AM EST
Yeah, I skip lunch once or twice each week.
It is not advisable to skip any meal at your age because you are still growing Educate
06:33 AM EST
For sure. OK.
 Model Statement: “It’s very important to eat lunch, along with the rest of your regular meals. You’re still growing, and that takes a lot of food and energy. You’re also a soccer player, and athletes need plenty of calories and nutrients to play well and stay healthy. You definitely don’t need to feel bad about eating lunch. On top of that, skipping meals can feel pretty bad. When I miss lunch, I get a headache and feel cranky. Please go easy on yourself and your body and try not to skip lunch anymore.”

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