ED 674-GA Final Review: Equality of Educational Opportunity: Race, Gender, Special Needs

ED 674-GA Final Review: Equality of Educational Opportunity

D 674-GA Final Review: Chapters 5-7 & 11
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Chapter 5 Equality of Educational Opportunity: Race, Gender, Special Needs
1. What makes defining “race” so diffircult? e0-0c c ti +K.(
ciec4 2. For what does the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution provide? cifi ,

3. What are the 3 major causes of school segregation (It happens de facto)?
Explain each. \
4. PL 94-142 is the education for all handicapped children act. What are its 3 …;-.F,–Cmost important components? – P4’_ De pal C” A\ (41\;\ v.e,V\ gVethr) )/k rtv ye fievel %fed. e (7 P1/4 • v”’\ 5. What are 3 issues that AFT raises about inclusion? 2 r. -1t Ork..”61 -3 Cc” r% et a A 4C-V4 le<, V 1a(71 SS t Or. – 4 r%)…01 e v,\ V -lora. YY‘ nik cia,1 Orv,4t.4- st- rye, Chapter 6 Student Diversity
rf’s,.:e. t Irk
6. Discuss the 3 main issues surrounding education of immigrant children.
) Chapter 7 Multicultural & Multilingutstic Education
7. Describe the differences between a Western & an Eastern world view. 1 6Z
• Ck Y •t.  f,W. c1;,),,r f ‘,.1Vref pYt4 AtN,,tovt\A SCAS&5 J r ‘A_C” ‘,114 ,e riokr?e,n cie s•comk
ei, P .0 r e, t ts.4 g..orsor,g. •? • •

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