Early recognition of preterm labor is essential to successfully implement interventions

Early recognition of preterm labor is essential to successfully implement interventions. The diagnosis of preterm labor is based on what three major diagnostic criteria? (1 pt) 1. Transvaginal ultrasound to measure the length of the cervix 2. Signs and symptoms faced by the patient her self (diagnosed by the HCP)
3. Certain lab tests to check the presence of the protein called fetal fibronectin in the vaginal discharge, which indicates the occurrence of a preterm labor. 4.What is the significance of misdiagnosing preterm labor? (1/2 pt)The misdiagnosis of preterm labor can lead to the inappropriate use of pharmacologic agents that can be dangerous to the health of the woman, the fetus, or both. Signs and symptoms can occur normally as well or indicate any other disease or infection 5.What other problems might be going on with P.T. that you should consider? (1 pt) 1. Braxton Hicks contractions 2. Since she is in 3rd trimester, she has gained weight, hence low back pain and cramping 3. Baby pushing on bladder, back pain, frequency of urination r/t the typical body changes associated with pregnancy. P.T.’s history reveals that she had one preterm delivery 4 years ago at 31 weeks’ gestation. The infant girl was in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for 3 weeks and discharged without sequelae. The second preterm infant, a boy, was delivered 2 years ago at 35 weeks’ gestation and spent 4 days in the hospital before discharge. She has no other risk factors for preterm labor. Vital signs are normal. Her vaginal examination findings were essentially within normal limits: cervix long, closed, and thick; membranes intact.

early recognition of preterm labor is essential to successfully implement

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Ans) Preterm labor: Cervical changes and uterine contractions occurring between 20 – 37 weeks. – Early recognition of preterm l…

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