A case brief is an organized, written summary of the essential elements of a judicial opinion. They are useful tools to assist you in learning to analyze the law. To brief a case, you must first carefully read the assigned cases to gain an overall understanding of the facts of the case, the decision rendered by the court, and the reasoning behind the court’s decision. You will summarize what the justices said in the case. Write your brief as if you’re trying to explain your case to a classmate.
Address the following in 1,000–1,250 words:
Read and brief the following cases:
U.S. v. Bailey, 444 U.S. 394 (1980)
Your case brief should follow the format below:
Name of the case and citation: Title of the selected case
Facts of the case: Summary of the events, court timeline, evidence, and so forth
Legal issues: Issues that were present in this case
Court’s decision: The court’s decision and the conclusion to the case
Rationale: The reasoning behind the final decision (Why did the court rule this way?)
Dissenting opinions: Any disputing or disagreeing opinions with an explanation of what they were and why they were raised
Do you agree or disagree with the Court’s decision? Explain why you agree or disagree with the Court’s decision.
Your paper should include the definition of escape.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. Use at least 3 references for your paper.

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