Chapter four

Analysis and findings

Analysis of the findings

these are the writing frame from my tutor

• What is important is that the findings are presented in a logical, coherent fashion, with a clear introductory section which explains your approach and leads the reader through the results. Structure your findings according to your aims, and key themes that emerge,( you need to choose 3 or 4 theme from the interviews and quote them from the interviewees and then talk about them and analyse them)

• Select the best methods to present your findings – this may include quotations. and then summarize the key features. Use verbatim quotations from interviews where appropriate. These help provide the reader with a ‘rich picture’ of your findings.

• It is crucial that you discuss and analyse your findings. Analysis has three principal elements: (you need to follow this one )
• Classification – aggregate and present your data as an entity

• Critically interrogate your findings, synthesizing the main issues, and underpinning these with relevant literature. ( use the same literature from my literature review do not introduce new literature here)

The evaluation of your findings needs to indicate how your chosen methods may have affected the validity and reliability of the data. End the chapter by summarizing your key findings according to your original aims, highlighting any contradictions that are unexpected. Make a link to your final chapter.

• introduction
• choose 4 themes from the interviews
• quote the theme from the interviewees
• analysis and talk about each theme
• findings
• summary

 before chapter four I need one paragraph about Physical Activity as a prevention programme and this can be about 250 words , because you need to link this with chapter four .

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