Please develop the lab report including the following sections: Title: Purpose: Data and Calculations ( create tables data from the observations file ) Discussion( develop paragraphs focusing on answering some questions located on the file “Anne Padias ….”, please do not use I or We, write using a scientific approach; discuss the SN1 and SN2 reactions made with each of the alkyl halides used and their respective solvents, NaI in acetone for SN1 and AgNO3 in ethanol for SN1 reactions) Spectra Analysis ( please check the file with HNMR, create a table with ppm, multiplicity, # neighbors and # of hydrogens, find its the structure and discuss if HNMR supports the compound that I found as the unknown) Error Analysis ( discuss the possible errors) Conclusions; Questions ( answer the questions from the lab 10 instructions ). Please check the file named CHM2211L for a better description of these sections. I will be attaching the following documents: Lab instructions, in-lab observations (contain data), the HNMR, one lab sample for you to guide, some questions you can tackle while developing the discussion. Please be brief but precise. Do not include methods or observations sections.

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