1.Investigate an COVID-19 organizational gap or issue to identify a problem or new opportunity that that can be addressed through an informatics solution. 2.Based on your findings, write a 750- to 1,000-word paper that defines the problem or opportunity and explains how it can be addressed through an informatics solution.
Include the following:
Discuss the issue or gap identified during your investigation and explain what business need is not being met.
Describe the departments directly affected and discuss the impact the issue or gap has on them. Discuss any additional consequences of the issue or gap for organizational performance, other stakeholders, budget, etc.
Propose a clinical, technological, or process-related solution that can be implemented to address the identified issue or gap. Explain how the proposed solution addresses the issue or gap for the departments and how it fulfills the specified business need.
Describe how the proposed informatics solution supports the organization's objectives and overall strategy and operations.
Outline the goals and objectives for the proposed informatics solution. Explain how these align with the departmental and organizational goals.

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