Janelle Waldrop is a 78-year-old female who is living at her daughter’s home after suffering a mild CVA. She has some residual weakness on her right side and needs assistance with ambulation and activities of daily living. The current plan is to have Mrs. Waldrop stay with her daughter for a few weeks until she is stronger and safe enough to return to her own home. Her physician has authorized home health nursing and physical therapy to work on medication management, medication education, strengthening exercises, and safe ambulation techniques. Mrs. Waldrop is first seen by the home health registered nurse, who conducts the initial assessment.
Which portion of the health history will be most pertinent in planning the care needs of Mrs. Waldrop?
Discuss the functional assessment findings that may be encountered in a patient with a new-onset CVA. What will be a primary factor in getting Mrs. Waldrop moved back into her own home?
Which assessment tool will the home health registered nurse utilize during the initial visit? What are the benefits of using this tool?

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