So far this semester, you picked a branded product in the hybrid/electric automobile industry and wrote a value proposition for the brand. You also conducted limited consumer research to create a positioning statement for a specific customer segment that you believe should be (or is) targeted by the brand. This lesson, you will use that same customer segment to create and analyze a product schema and make recommendations for your chosen brand.
Step 1

Restate the customer segment you’re targeting.
Step 2

If needed, conduct more or different research on the target customer segment using credible sources (consider using the online University Libraries) to discover how your chosen segment uses hybrid/electric automobiles and what they expect from them. It’s very possible that you will find information that only indirectly affirms their expectations and uses.
Step 3

Interview at least five people who fall within your chosen segment. Ask them (in a group or separately) what words come to mind when you say hybrid/electric automobile.
Step 4

Use the information in Steps 2 and 3 to construct a schema. Though this obviously isn’t enough research to completely project the segment’s comprehension of the hybrid/electric automobile industry, for the purposes of this assignment, assume that this information is complete.
Step 5

In 2–3 well-written paragraphs, discuss the exemplars, prototypes, and opportunities for hybrid/electric automobiles. Compare your findings to the positioning statement you created. Does your positioning statement need to be changed or tweaked based on this week’s analysis? Provide cited support for your analysis and conclusions.
Step 6

Add one additional paragraph in which you recommend at least one type of comprehension influence, how you will use it, and why you recommend it.
Step 7

Next, include an updated positioning statement in the document created in Steps 5 and 6. Don’t hand in the positioning statement as a separate document; Canvas won’t allow you to do so when Turnitin is being used to submit your work.
Step 8

At the end of the document, embed a JPG (printer scan or readable photo) of the schema you created based on your research and interviews. Don’t hand in the schema as a separate document; Canvas won’t allow you to do so when Turnitin is being used to submit your work.

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