Essay Three: Argumentative1000-1500 words (English 101 length)Topic: Your choiceFormat: Informational (Neutral) Research the advantages and disadvantages of both sides of an issue. The introduction will state the writer’s intent to examine the issue fairly- looking at the good, the bad, and the ugly of each side. Main ideas and supporting detail will be neutral, based on the information learned through research. Generally, by the end of the argument, the writer may favor one side of the issue over the other. This would be stated in the conclusion.Persuasive (Biased) The writer has a pre-determined bias toward one side of an issue; the purpose of the essay is to convince the reader to also favor that side of the issue. Main ideas and supporting details will strengthen the writer’s point-of-view or discredit the other side of the issue. The introduction will state the issue and the writer’s point-of-view on that issue, and the conclusion will reinforce the bias.

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